Heart Of Flesh

Recently I have been thinking about how much our hearts become the compass or core from where everything flows out from. Whether we choose to listen to our hearts or not it is the very thing that steers our decisions, determines our choices and influences the relationships around us. It says in proverbs, for as he thinks in his heart, so is he. I guess it’s like a mirror of who we really are. Often I find myself having external influences that determine what flows out. Whether it would be fear or the choice to disguise who I really am. As part of a community of worshippers at freedom church We have been challenged recently to look at our hearts and make the decision to keep our hearts palpable and open. As a worship leader and someone who longs to chase after a God I know it is something really important in order to lead others while I’m allowing my heart to be open and led by the father. The story of David is a great picture of someone who allowed his heart to be open and soft before God. In doing so he was able to lead a nation, fight Giants and more importantly have a close relationship with God.