Please Support Compassion

I have been sponsoring a child with compassion for the last year and it has been a great way to help and contribute to someone’s life. It can be quite overwhelming not knowing how to sometimes reach out and help people and particularly people who have been effected by poverty and lack of opportunities. Compassion has been amazing as they help you set up a monthly giving process and the ability to communicate to your child through letters. This process has been made so easy and it has been really rewarding knowing your helping someone out there in the world.

I have previously been an artist ambassador and I am happy to continue this under my own name as a musician and songwriter. With a world that is quickly becoming challenging in its political and economic landscape I truly believe we should be creating a better world around us and part of that is to care for the people around us. Please feel free to find out more or even look into sponsoring a child. Please check out the link below.

Sponsor a child with compassion

Compassion’s Website
Sponsor a child here